Introducing CO2 to Your Indoor Grow

Some of the best knowledge we here at Mainely Hydro have gained over the years, and one of the most beneficial tips we can pass on to fellow green thumbs out there, lies in this simple phrase: ┬áThe easiest and best way to maximize yield in your indoor grow is to increase O2 at the […]

Medicinal S’mores Cupcakes

If you are looking for a sweet way to mask the taste of your medicinal canna-butter and oil, look no further than this delicious S’mores inspired cupcake recipe. The recipe below has been adapted to utilize medicinal cannabis by Mainely Hydro. The original non-mmj recipe can be found here on Martha Stewart’s website.   What […]

Juicing Raw Cannabis

There are many great benefits when you decide to grow your own medicinal cannabis. Harvesting your personal plants allows you access to more medicinal plant matter in addition to your flower medicine, known as trim. Trim can include anything from larger fan leaves to small, airy, trichrome covered flowers. Take this tip from Mainely Hydro’s […]