Reading a Nutrient Label

Every nutrient container you use for your indoor garden should have a label containing valuable information about the product. Once you use a few different nutrient containers you will soon notice the similarities between them.¬†Most have the brand and name of the product displayed prominently¬†on the front label. As an example, let’s focus on the […]

Top 5 FAQ: Maine MMJ Patient Rights

Working face-to-face with mmj patients, we’ve observed a few common questions patients ask after receiving their certification. Below outlines Mainely Hydro’s top five frequently asked questions from mmj patients. 1. What are the qualifying medical conditions for MMJ certification in Maine? The list of qualifying medical conditions for MMJ certification in Maine has grown quite […]

Medicated Double Chocolate Oatmeal Biscuits

This minimalist recipe produces twelve, bite-sized chocolaty canna-biscuits to easily and discretely medicate. I’ve adapted a recipe for chocolate chip cookies I found here browsing for new recipes to introduce medicated butter into. To mask the cannabis taste, Mainely Hydro has substituted milk chocolate chunks for semisweet chocolate chips, added vanilla frosting and sprinkles and […]

Medi-Mint Chocolate Brownies

Nothing is more classic when it comes to cannabis infused edibles than the medicated brownie. The original recipe included chocolate chips, but often I find the taste of the medicine too overwhelming, so I’ve substituted them with a top layer of Andes Mints. This first brownie recipe Mainely Hydro is introducing is canna-butter based. Check […]