Strain Profile: Citrus Super Haze

Citrus Super Haze delivers the fruity, clean taste that its name suggests. Citrus orange hairs sweep over the light green finished flowers, making this strain pleasing to the eye and palate alike. Seedsman breeders created this sativa dominant strain by crossing Lemon Skunk with Super Silver Haze. The cross results in a mid-sized flowering plant […]

How to Clone

Have you ever found the perfect phenotype of your favorite strain and wish you could continually cultivate it without repurchasing seeds? Follow Mainely Hydro’s simple guide on How to Clone and enjoy your preferred strain sustainably from your home or commercial garden.   First things first! Choose a healthy, vegetative, female plant with plenty of […]

The Anatomy of Cannabis: Vegetative Stage

In preparation for new and original How-tos, we’ve created this easy to follow diagram simplifying the anatomy of a cannabis plant. Use the diagram and canna-dictionary below to familiarize yourself with the variety of structures that make up this plant. Keep in mind the following diagram depicts cannabis in a vegetative stage. Check back soon […]

Healing Canna-Salve

Mainely Hydro recently hit the kitchen to perfect a homemade cannabis infused salve recipe. The following recipe strives to use minimal, all natural ingredients to create a multi-purpose healing salve. Cannabis infused salve has brought much needed relief for patients who suffer from a broad range symptoms. From everything to chronic pain like tendinitis, to […]