Mainely Hydro serves to bring the power of personal cultivation, cooking and extraction into the hands of the everyday medical cannabis patient.

Mainely Hydro is a family and fellow patient run Maine business. Our grow specialists have first hand experience and knowledge dealing with medical cannabis cultivation on both east and west coasts of the US.  Add large-scale hydroponic agriculture experience and state-regulated dispensary management to the list, and you can be assured Mainely Hydro is providing patients with the best resources possible.

DSC_0840We provide certified Maine medical cannabis patients with one-on-one personal grow consulting sessions, complete with pre-made or custom indoor growing kits. Our consulting sessions are provided face-to-face or online using an encrypted, open source video chat platform with Mainely Hydro’s knowledgeable grow specialists.

 Through our website we are able to offer an extensive library of information about cultivation, pest and disease identification and management, non-combustible intake methods, state and federal laws, and much more to anyone looking to cultivate safe, high quality medicine at home.

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