How to Clone

Have you ever found the perfect phenotype of your favorite strain and wish you could continually cultivate it without repurchasing seeds? Follow Mainely Hydro’s simple guide on How to Clone and enjoy your preferred strain sustainably from your home or commercial garden.


First things first! Choose a healthy, vegetative, female plant with plenty of stalks and nodes. Technically you can clone any female cannabis stalk as long as it has a terminal shoot and an axillary shoot. Mainely Hydro grow specialists tend to aim for prospective clones like the one displayed below. This is the chosen shoot that we learn to clone from today.


Vegetative mother
Notice it is healthy and has many nodes with additional shoots growing; sometimes this can be an indicator of a plentiful future clone.

Next, cleanly cut off the chosen shoot from the main stalk. Our grow specialists aim to leave 2-3 shoots on the stalk. This allows the mother plant to focus energy on the remaining shoots which grow outward to produce additional clones.


terminal shoot


Cutting the shoot at a clean, 45 degree angle is the preferable method. Cutting at this angle opens up a larger surface area for root growth. The cleaner the cut, the less likely the clone will succumb to disease.




Now the newly cut shoot needs to be cleaned up! Removed all axillary shoots as close to the stalk as possible. At the end, the shoot will have one remaining terminal shoot. 


Some growers leave one axillary shoot on the clone as well, but generally Mainely Hydro specialists choose to leave just the terminal shoot. This provides much needed space between plants in the cloner, in addition to directing more energy to the terminal shoot.

Once cleaned up, place the clone into your choice of rooting powder or solution. Rooting hormones help ensure root development on your new cutting. Leave the tip of your clone in for at least 15 seconds.


Notice how we cut the leaf tips on the clone to the left. This also helps free up space in the cloner.

Finally, introduce your clone into your cloner system. The particular cloner below is an aeroponics system.




Remember to check your cloner everyday! Pay close attention to your clone’s root health. Be on the lookout for newly developing roots. If you are using a hydroponic cloner, also remember to monitor and adjust the pH and water when necessary.


Happy gardening!

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