The Anatomy of Cannabis: Vegetative Stage

In preparation for new and original How-tos, we’ve created this easy to follow diagram simplifying the anatomy of a cannabis plant. Use the diagram and canna-dictionary below to familiarize yourself with the variety of structures that make up this plant. Keep in mind the following diagram depicts cannabis in a vegetative stage. Check back soon for The Anatomy of Cannabis: Flowering Stage!


Mainely Hydro’s Canna-Dictionary 

Terminal shoot: Grows from a terminal bud at the tip of a shoot. Terminal buds promote lengthening and growth upward, as well as provide a hormonal boost for additional buds down the shoot. This shoot is ideal for clone production.

Axillary shoot: Originates from an axillary bud -this is the junction of a petiole and stalk or shoot. These shoots can ultimately become terminal shoots. Most commonly this occurs when the plant redirects its energy after cloning of the original terminal shoot.

Petiole: A botany term for the stem connecting a leaf to the stalk or shoot.

Fan leaf: Large leaf that protrudes from a node. This leaf is responsible for most of the plant’s CO2 absorption which allows growth.

Stalk: Stalks can be synonymous with stems. They provide the main, above-soil structure for the cannabis plant.

Shoots:  Shoots more specifically refer to new plant growth consisting of stems, leaves, and buds.

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