Healing Canna-Salve

Mainely Hydro recently hit the kitchen to perfect a homemade cannabis infused salve recipe. The following recipe strives to use minimal, all natural ingredients to create a multi-purpose healing salve. Cannabis infused salve has brought much needed relief for patients who suffer from a broad range symptoms. From everything to chronic pain like tendinitis, to painful migraines, cannabis infused salve may be a great alternative for you. Try this recipe out at home and enjoy your own cannabis infused salve today!


What you will need


Large & small metal pots

1 cup cannabis infused coconut oil

¼ cup local beeswax pastilles

Natural vitamin E oil

100% Pure essential oils




The first step to this recipe is making your infused coconut oil. You can find our medicated coconut oil recipe here.


Canna-coconut oil


Set your cannabis infused coconut oil aside for the moment and bring a couple inches of water to a rolling boil in a large metal pot.


Once the water is boiling put your smaller pot on top of the large one. Be sure your small pot does not touch the bottom of your larger pot. Beeswax can easily be burned and ruined if the metal pot becomes too hot. Then, pour a ¼ cup of beeswax pastilles into the smaller pot allowing to melt evenly. Stir to prevent burning.



Once beeswax is melted add in 1 cup of cannabis infused coconut oil. Stir together to melt and mix evenly.




Now you can add essential oils to your mixture. Essential oils will maximize relief and add a pleasant scent to your salve. For this recipe we used 15 drops of natural Vitamin E oil, 15 drops of 100% pure lavender essential oil, and 10 drops of 100% pure eucalyptus essential oil.


*Vitamin E oil is especially useful to add to salve, as it can aid with dry skin, chapped lips, wrinkles, and more.




Mix the essential oils well and prepare your storage containers for pouring. Salve Containers made specifically for salves and balms can be purchased at natural food stores, or can be found online. Small glass Ball jars can also be used as salve containers.






Pour your mixture slowly in your containers. Leave out containers for 24 hours to allow salve to cool and settle. Try to leave containers uncapped for the first 4 hours then cap to avoid contamination.



Rub salve generously on aches and pains and reapply when you feel necessary.

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