Strain Profile: Trainwreck

Trainwreck is a unique body relaxing, yet highly stimulating hybrid. This particular strain we are featuring, created with Northern California clone only genetics, has become a must-have medical cannabis strain.

The majority of Trainwreck’s genetic makeup is sativa. More specifically created with a Mexican x Afghan cross bred with a Thai landrace. Our specialists have observed this strain to follow indica growing characteristics, producing short and full plants with dense flowers. The large dense flowers lessens the load of harvest tasks, while still providing a high yield. More medicine for less work makes this strain of Trainwreck perfect for personal or commercial gardens alike, especially if you have limited time for harvest and processing tasks.

Trainwreck bloom
Trainwreck during bloom cycle.

As for the effect of Trainwreck… we find the name sums it up fairly well. While Trainwreck follows indica traits during the growing process, it’s effects stay true to it’s mainly sativa genetic roots. It’s unusual balance between chronic pain relief and it’s euphoric buzz can be helpful for patients seeking pain relief who are looking to forgo overwhelming sedative effects.


Mainely Hydro’s Canna-dictionary

Landrace- A cannabis strain that naturally adapted to its geographic location. Landrace strains are commonly named after their origins, for example Mexican would be used for landraces from Mexico. Talented plant breeders are continually creating an ever expanding menu of new cannabis hybrids, leading to a rarity in pure landrace cannabis genetics. Though, if you do diligent research you can track down full family tree genetics of your favorite medical cannabis strains.


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