Strain Profile: White Fire

White Fire. This became a must-have strain for Mainely Hydro way back when our roots were temporarily planted in California. Our grow specialists were lucky enough to acquire clones right from the source the first time around.  With White Fire clones dropped off at an old local dispensary by the breeder, OG Raskal himself, we quickly fell in love. White Fire is an OG Raskal strain, bred by crossing his Fire OG with The White. This combination provides the patient with large, dense flowers, outstanding effects and incredibile yield potential to boot. White Fire is becoming a highly sought after strain because of its high yield, an unusual trait for a sativa dominant strain. White Fire’s effects generally follow sativa characteristics, while it’s growing characteristics hold true to its indica roots.

Generally, it provides the patient with an euphoric uplift and a boost of  motivation. This is another great strain for appetite loss and depression. Patients may find this strain to be helpful with anxiety, but be cautious. White Fire usually boasts a rather high THC content, sometimes causing the already anxious patient to experience amplified anxiety and paranoia.

Unless you are constantly checking supply levels at multiple seed banks, you may never come across this amazing cannabis strain. Keep your eyes peeled and if you do get the chance to watch this beautiful medicine flower to fruition, try to hang on to this strain and you won’t regret it!


Mainely Hydro’s Canna-Dictionary

Sativa: A species of cannabis that produces medicinal marijuana flowers. Sativa dominant cannabis most commonly provides relief to patients suffering from nausea, loss of appetite, muscle spasms and depression. Sativa dominant species have distinct growing characteristics as well. Typically they grow tall and lanky and require a couple more weeks of TLC before the medicine is ready for harvest.

Indica: A species of cannabis that also produces medicinal marijuana flowers. Indica dominant cannabis tends to relieve body pain symptoms, insomnia and anxiety. Short, bushy plants with shorter harvest times make indica’s a little easier to the beginning mmj cultivator.

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