Strain Profile: Headband

Headband, a cross between two classic favorites,  is one of the more well-known strains Mainely Hydro has worked with. Our grow specialists have once again chose Cali Connection’s strain, their 818 Headband to be exact. This cross of Original Sour Diesel and San Fernando Valley OG Kush combines to provide you or your patients with the perfect hybrid. Great for day or night relief!

headband-pThis strain of Headband packs a powerful euphoric buzz, due to its higher THC content. The euphoric uplift serves as an exceptional pick-me up and equalizer for Headband’s other common effects, such as body relaxation and muscle relief. Mainely Hydro’s grow specialist have found this strain of Headband to produce dense, pungent flower medicine. Typically, Headband is ready for harvest after 9 to 10 weeks of flowering.


Mainely Hydro’s Canna-Dictionary

THC: Tetrahydrocannabinol , a well-known cannabinoid in Cannabis. THC causes many of the psychoactive effects during cannabis use. Sativa dominant cannabis commonly contains higher levels of THC, a main reason this specific species helps with depression. THC has also been found to aid with nausea and appetite loss.

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