Infused Coconut Oil Capsules

Looking for an easy, discrete method to intake your mmj? Vegetable capsules filled with medicated coconut oil could be just the alternative!

Making the medicated coconut oil is your first step to homemade cannabis capsules. Check out Mainely Hydro’s infused coconut oil recipe.


What You Will Need

Vegetable Gelatin Capsules  00 Size

Medicated Coconut Oil

Capsule Machine




  • Instead of pouring your medicated oil into a storage container, pour/scrape your oil into a Pyrex measuring cup.

  • Set empty capsules into place in your capsule machine.

  • Fill the syringe with medicated coconut oil and begin slowly filling the large end of the capsule.


  • Once all capsules are full, take the machine’s top and place it on top of your filled capsules so the capsules’ ends match up.


  • Apply pressure to the top of your capsule machine and remove top.


  • Complete filled capsules should be on the top of your capsule machine.


  • Press capsules out into storage container.


  • Store in sealed bag or container and keep in your refrigerator until needed.

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