Strain Profile: Green Crack

Green Crack has quickly become a favorite with Mainely Hydro’s grow specialists, more specifically, Cali Connection’s Green Crack. This high yielding, sativa dominant strain’s effects are likely to keep you up, moving, and motivated throughout the day.

If you have been searching for a beautiful, sativa dominant flower to cultivate, that boasts exceptional producing power, look no further. Green Crack’s true genetics are a bit hazy, but we do know the classic Skunk #1 was crossed with an unknown Indica. There are numerous¬†phenotypes of Green Crack out there, coming from several seeds from breeders who cultivate the genotype.

No matter which breeder and seed you choose, your first cycle will provide you multiple phenotypes. This gives patients who cultivate their own medicine freedom to choose characteristics that favor their personal tastes, medicinal needs, and growing conditions.¬†Mainely Hydro’s grow specialists have favored two separate phenotypes in the past, both sativa dominant. This strain is ready for harvest after 9-10 weeks of flowering time, yielding dense vibrant flower medicine.

Green Crack’s effects have provided relief for patients suffering from nausea and loss of appetite. Green Crack’s pleasant euphoric feel also makes it a great strain for any patient battling depression. This strain tends to provide patients will the added boost of energy and focus they need to get through the day.


Mainely Hydro’s Canna-Dictonary

Genotype: DNA sequencing providing specific characteristics for individual organisms, in this case cannabis plants.

Phenotype: Observable traits and characteristics prompted by environment and genetic makeup (genotype).

Examples: Mainely Hydro’s grow specialists have come across two different Green Crack phenotypes. One a darker phenotype, that grows shorter. The other a light green, hairy red phenotype, that grows lanky and tall.


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