Juicing Raw Cannabis

There are many great benefits when you decide to grow your own medicinal cannabis. Harvesting your personal plants allows you access to more medicinal plant matter in addition to your flower medicine, known as trim. Trim can include anything from larger fan leaves to small, airy, trichrome covered flowers. Take this tip from Mainely Hydro’s seasoned green thumbs and do not disregard your excess plant matter! There are various methods to further process your trim to reap additional medicinal benefits from the plant that keeps on giving. Recently medical marijuana outlets and mainstream media have focused on juicing, a promising approach to maximizing the medicinal benefits of cannabis without experiencing the psychoactive side effects ¬†of THC. This combustion free method is especially exciting for parents who are seeking alternative treatment options for their children experiencing life-threatening illnesses, and patients alike. Below is an educational video about juicing, following the story of Dr. William Courtney and his patient Kristen Peskuski of Cannabis International.


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